Timor-Leste Food Innovators Exchange is an interactive platform for food innovators exchange:

For leading chefs, youths, entrepreneurs and community leaders to collectively raise public awareness about the availability and value of nutritious local foods in Timor-Leste and the region.

The aim of TLFIX is to reinvigorate the production and utilisation of healthy Timorese foods (both wild harvested and locally grown) to improve food security and address malnutrition.

The platform is focused on engaging youth and promoting culturally appropriate, delicious and nutritious food with every bite.



Timor-Leste is one of the poorest nations in the Asia Pacific region.

· 41.8% of its population live below the national poverty line.

· 46% of children suffer chronic undernutrition (stunting).

· 24% of children suffer acute malnutrition (wasting).

· 40% of children have iron deficiency anaemia.

· 23% of women of reproductive age have iron deficiency anaemia.


What is TLFIX?

The TLFIX platform consists of four reinforcing approaches to understand, innovate, adapt and promote healthy and nutritious local food in the target communities.

The TLFIX Activity Diagram can be seen here.

How Change Happens

TLFIX partners with influential community leaders, youth and well-known identities to increase knowledge and instil pride in local nutritious foods.  

· Intergenerational food storytelling helps elders and youths to better understand, enjoy and value their local foods.

· Food innovation in community kitchens and in the Timor-Leste Food Lab make local foods look, taste and feel good.

· Market testing using tablets provides real-time feedback on whether the new dishes, food products and combinations are desirable beyond the target community.

· By participating in TLFIX, elders and youths from across Timor-Leste have greater knowledge of and pride in their local nutritious food.

· They also increase their confidence in talking about and sharing their food with local and international visitors and nutrition policy makers.

· The activities and outcomes from TLFIX are shared widely using social media including on the TLFIX Facebook Group Page.

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