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Number of healthy, seasonal plant-based lunches served:



By eating a meal at Agora Food Studio, you helped contribute to the agricultural economy of Timor-Leste (from purchases of Timorese fruit, vegetables, nuts, legumes, grains, virgin coconut oil, spices, herbal teas,and coffee):  



Volume of virgin coconut oil used and sold. The oil is produced organically by women's groups, sales of which directly support their families: 

265 L


Kilograms of compost produced. It is used as feed for pigs owned by one of our young female chefs. In turn, the pigs provide the biogas needed to power up her family home:



Avoided the use of

12,500 plastic water bottles

3,382 plastic straws

by providing clean, filtered drinking water for free, and using bamboo straws produced in Timor-Leste and Bali 

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Nurturing future leaders


First Barista 

Champion of


Julia Ximenes won Timor-Leste's first
Barista Competition at the 2017 Festival Kafé Timor. 

She joined our team in October 2016, and within a year became, not only the nation's best barista, but also one of its first emerging coffee cupping judge. Julia's favourite method
is cold-brew coffee.  She is also pursuing her undergraduate
degree in finance at the National University of Timor-Leste.


to be able to teach others...

In 2017, our young team designed & delivered over 15 workshops:

Food education and sensory understanding. 
How to select, prepare, cook and promote with native ingredients.

Timorese Coffee: Sensory & Flavour characteristics. Espresso and manual brew methods for consumers. Coffee quality training
to farmers and non-profit organisations